Environment & Community Participation


D & L Support Ltd are committed to running responsible residential homes, looking to reduce our carbon footprint in anyway possible. Our homes are purposefully located houses within the local community; we work hard to ensure that our houses are not noticeably different to others in their communities. We seek to access our local community as much as possible, endeavouring to buy local produce and use local services as much as possible.

How We Seek To Reduce Waste

We recycle tins, glass bottles, plastic bottles, cardboard, mobile phones, electrical items and garden waste. We re-use plastic bags and compost as much as possible.

How We Seek To Further Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

We re-use scrap paper as much as possible, we keep our paperwork in the office to a minimum, we purchase energy efficient electrical equipment, we try to encourage sensible conservation of electrical and gas appliances. Our boiler is tested annually to ensure emissions are appropriate and the equipment remains efficient.

How We Seek To Access The Local Community

We source fresh meat, fruit, vegetables and eggs, using this produce to provide from scratch, healthy balanced meals, we use the local shops and supermarkets, walking to these when appropriate. We use public transport whenever possible.